With this Vision


Sporsho for the first time in 2011 launched a book stall for the visually impaired in the largest extravaganza of books in the country, the “Ekushe Boi Mela”. From 2008 till February 2022, Sporsho has published 100 books in Braille version written by eminent authors and including variety of subject matter (some major titles can be provided if required).

The books are placed in the stall for all to read and in addition are distributed free to those who atteneds the boi mela and the major special schools of the country.From 2016 Sporsho decided to include all people with disability (PWD) to make her initiative more inclusive. 



Sporsho plans to include activities beyond Ekushe Boi Mela to make her initiative available to all in the form of ‘knowledge center’, open throughout the year. As a part of this pursuit, Sporsho has celebrated her tenth year in a day long program in association with Bangla Academy including various activities that included both PWDs as well as able people of all walks of life from across Bangladesh.

Sporsho planned to bring both physically able and physically challenged people under the same roof. As part of this initiative for PWD, Sporsho has been working with Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP) since 2016. As part of this, Sporsho has arranged Book Fair in CRP premises for all and has distributed wheel chair. In addition, Sporsho has also organized a wheelchair basketball event for the especially abled.

During this COVID19 situation Sporsho is helping Drishtijoyees badly in need of financial and food aid.

We're Honored

“On behalf of Sporsho Foundation, I would like to thank our partner “Zonta Club of Greater Dhaka” and its president, Madam Dr.Simeen Akhtar for extending their support to the foundation. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the honourable Governor, Mr.Eric Elavia and look forward to a long term, prosperous and sustainable partnership between us. I can assure you that Sporsho Foundation is committed to making the life of drishtijoyees meaningful and worthwhile.”


Our Services

What We Do?

Creating a place of interaction for the visually impaired at the SPORSHO Center where they can share their thoughts and inspire each other to take greater strides. Create an inclusive situate for the visually impaired at the SPORSHO Center. Create endowments for the visually impaired through private sponsorship collection.

Cultural and sports events

Arranging cultural and sports events participated by the visually impaired. Create job opportunity for the visually impaired through connecting them with the job market. Provide vocational training to the visually impaired to prepare them for appropriate jobs.

Audio Visual CD

Production of an audio visual CD of songs based on poems for children. The CD ensured inclusive participation from children having all levels of physical ability (Normal and PWD). The CD was released during the decade program and a total of 1000 copies of CD were distributed during Ekushe Book Fair 2018.