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Sporsho Braille Prokashona is a non government non profit organization founded and led by Nazia Jabeen with an aid of helping the visually handicapped people, especially children. Founded in 2008, Sporsho Braille Prokashona has published many braille books and still working for the education of visually challenged people. We involve people & organizations to raise fund to help for the education of visually impaired students. We also receive Braille books to distribute among visually impaired students

"মানুষ দৃষ্টিহীন বলেই অন্ধ নয়, মানুষ মূলত প্রজ্ঞাহীন বলেই অন্ধ”

Nazia, the founder of Sporsho believes that a sustainable society can be built only when children are empowered with knowledge with an inclusive approach, by reaching out to all, including the ones who are visually challenged. Their slogan, “Manosh dristihin bole ondho noi proggahin bole ondho”, which in English would read, “people are blind not because they are unable to see with their eyes but are blind because they do not have the knowledge to visualize life from within.”


With this vision, Sporsho for the first time in 2011 launched a book stall for the visually impaired in the largest extravaganza of books in the country, the “Ekushe Boi Mela”



Sporsho Braille Prokashona (SBP) intends to expand in the near future with your help. It has been a long awaited dream of SBP to develop a Braille library and eventually a Centre of Sporsho Braille Prokashona (SBP) a CENTRE OF LEARNING FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED.

This unique Centre is expected to provide a one stop service for the visually challenged people i.e. all under the same roof. Through this Centre, they will have the opportunity of exploring new horizons of knowledge and information. Thus, it is our aspiration to make education and recreation more accessible for them.

Our Published braille books

Braille is used by thousands of people all over the world in their native languages, and provides a means of literacy for all.

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